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A New View

Tinkercad, Makerbot Desktop, and the Makerbot: All of these things I knew nothing about, and all of these things I learned how to use in the past week. It started with Tinkercad, on which I went through the basic tutorials and learned how to move objects around, view them differently, and change their proportions. After […]

The End

As this senior sem comes to a close, I am finishing up on my flowers. So far I have a small bouquet   but have since learned that they look much better spread out and in black and white.   I’ll have to go through and repair a few, because the nail polish chipped. I’m not quite sure how to… Read more →

Last Update

Since my last update, I have made a lot of progress. After spending over a month on the GPS and being unsuccessful, I decided to start working on the LCD screen. This was a huge success. After two days of working and learning the basics of the display, I was able to correctly wire the […]


For my last couple projects, I’ve been working with the canvas again. I made a circuit with copper wire and LEDs on the back of a smaller canvas and on […]

Post 9 – the finale

So school is starting to wind down which is kinda good but kinda sad. Very sentimental time….but this blog isn’t for that type of stuff. So I’ll talk about the project I did last week. Carter and I made a minty booster for our phones (portable charger that fits in an Altoids can) and it […]

Rock Candy and Rice Krispies

In my last blog post, I talked about how Carrie and I were making rock candy. The rock candy came out pretty well. When we decided to take them out of the cups, there was still a large amount of liquid in the cups, but despite that they turned out pretty well and were pretty […]

Finally finished

So finally recorded it. Judge me, and let me know some feedback on the lyrics, beat, theme,  synchronistic flow. I didn’t make the beat, but instead used rappad.co to freestyle to the instrumental, come up with a theme for the song, and then wrote corresponding lyrics. The lyrics are posted on soundcloud. The difficult parts … Continue reading Finally finished

Post 8

I took my RC car to HobbyTownUSA on broad to get worked on and their customer service was awesome. The guy completely took apart my car, diagnosed this issue, and purchased a new part online for me, free of charge. Unfortunately, the part takes a while to come in, but the guy said he would […]

Test Runs, Next Steps

This past week, I was able to learn to use Unity 5, at least in terms of the basics. Once I was able to replicate a simple ‘walking around in an environment’ game in the new environment, my next step was to try and download and run the Google Cardboard demo game. I downloaded the Cardboard […]


After weeks and weeks of waiting, our crystal LEDs are finally done! Carrie and I had a lot of problems with these because after checking back on them multiple times, and waiting for much longer than the instructions said to, there still seemed to be a lot of liquid in the cups. Eventually we got […]

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