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Untitled project
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Project #7 Art & Text
wood, spray paint, sharpie, a speaker, the viewers interaction

johncantor 2016-04-06 21:40:56

Project #6 Mapping
pencil, pen, collage (maps), acrylic paint


Sewing LED’s to fabric was one of the most creative things that we have done yet. Whether you sewed them to your backpack, your clothes, or just a piece of felt, anything that people decided to make turned out to be cool. I wanted to create a sort of button the I could press by … Continue reading “Sewing”

Project #3: 3D Printing

Using Tinkercad, a website that offers easy-to-use 3D design tools, I recently constructed a model of the USS Enterprise, a starship from the television show Star Trek. This was relatively simply, as the ship is mainly made out of geometric shapes such as cylinders and ovals.  Once I had designed the Enterprise, I began the printing […]

Through The Textiles And The Flames- Dragonforce

Y’all already know who it is. So my buddy approaches me last week. “You like needles?” he says. “I try to avoid ’em if possible” I reply. “Well check this out!” A glimmering piece of felt appears from behind my ear. Light shone like the sun from the intense LED. I already know what you’re gonna ask. HOW? E-Textiles. That’s… Read more →

E-Textiles and Owls

Before this project, all I knew was that LEDs were these:  After attempting to put together an E-textile, I realized there are many other forms.  In my case, I used sewable LEDs in order to thread conductive thread through fabric so I could make a circuit.  Here is what the sewable LEDs look like: While […]


At first, E-textiles really complicated me. I had a hard time understanding the whole wiring system and what not. After looking at some diagrams its started to make much more sense. I started by just putting some LEDs on a little piece of fabric. After putting that together I learned…

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